Tuesday, July 19, 2016

To the one with the starry eyes - long poem

To the one

with the starry eyes
and a heart of stone…
everything is always you.

My name is as common as a door
or an empty photograph.
I will not call upon your namesake,
I’d rather call you brother
(I’m with you             in your pain).

My chest is an uncertain number
of certainties. I am not homeless,
nor am I sick with deadly fever.
I suffer love, and that is perishable pain.
Time rots what it does not understand.

I am son, brother, slave.
Each one knows
which part of me belongs to them.
Sometimes I’m a cock
and it’s not because I’m scared
or an asshole, it’s just my face.

Yesterday I let the sea wrap itself
around me me, it pulled me in with rage,
removed everything I am
except my body,
the sea does not tackle misfortune.

I love you like the enduring past,
the hidden future.
I have not changed much.
I tell lies so I can say I’m joking,
I haven’t changed at all,
and in my eternal repetition,
my disrespectful, treacherous day,

you come and go like sea waves.

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