Friday, June 16, 2017

The Exit Door Behind the Bathroom

The Exit Door Behind the Bathroom

A sigh rising like a giant wave
as if it was not real.
We walked in & he closed the door.
Chair, bed, they crowded around me. 
He ran the curtain; the bed gave way to the chair.
It held my pants for a moment. 

Mouth ajar above me. He took me,
I sat next to him and sprawled, 
he climbed up, took my hand & slipped it 
between his buttocks. I got up 
trying to move a little & play. I fell again,
his mouth on me. He sucked too hard, I closed
my eyes, everything clouded.
I could not stand it, so I closed my eyes
to calm down inside, but he sucked too hard, 
too fast. Nothing came out, he gasped, 
his breath between my legs. I couldn’t see outside.
The curtain had covered the light.

He sat down, touched me up and down. 
I thought I had seen an extra finger 
on the palm of his hand.
Strong, too strong, it hurt.
I tried to fix my eyes on his mouth but 
I couldn’t stand it so, I got up. 
He had his hand on me, I sat down next 
to him. He started again, this time with his hand 
beating and squeezing. My hand
on his bare chest. My eyes fixed on his lips.
I was about to explode. He felt like an upright wave, 
a shadow behind the shadow, I was afraid
his lover had followed us here.

What if he knocks on the door, opens it, 
finds me semi-naked & erect in front of the bed?

Daniel kept touching me from top to bottom.
I kept hearing a bell outside. It rang for us. 
Already empty, nothing came from inside me.
He got up and ran the curtain. No one was there as there. 

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