Sunday, August 13, 2017

Application for Canonization

Photograph by Sergio A. Ortiz

Application for Canonization

I hereby request to be canonized
in the holy Church of Love.

A man swore eternal love,
but his love was hell on earth.
I have more stigmata on my body
than those required by your Church,
greater tears than those expressed in cubic centimeters
by any of the aspirants to be canonized,
greater number of hours of insomnia,
& on my knees so many eloquent calluses
that my friends call me:
Adela the genuflect.

One night
he made me walk like a bitch,
meow like a cat,
cry like a teenage girl
and sing like an old woman.

Another night,
he forced me to kiss the portrait of his beloved.
I thought that maybe
he forced his beloved to kiss mine.
That same night ―you do not know
how sorry I am to write this,
he screamed & called me a degenerate whore.

As for the requirement demanded by the Church:
You will love even if they grind you with rocks,
I can assure you that my love is immeasurable.
That man is my Greatest Good.

So, having been humiliated,
offended, vilified,
set aside, and vexed;
having been confined to that strange latitude
which is: dead in life.

I, Adela Soba,
in full measure of my mental faculties,
humbly ask to be canonized as a lay saint
with the right to appear on the altars of horror.

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