Sunday, December 16, 2007

Morning Tension

The moon got lost

between our sheets.

The sun found us

borrowing its time.

You sang, asked

me to repair .

Caribbean Seafront

Paseo Caribe

There’s a coiled tree all fire up

in my head and pieces

of concrete on my arms.

I am hurting. Creatures

are lost in the blood dripping

from the lips of echoes

dancing with polished swords.

Who poisons our homeland,

steals its shores, and clobbers

our heads? Father, who weeps

in this city?

Friday, September 14, 2007


¿Qué investigadores se encuentran

detrás de ocaso? Palabras

ásperas no pueden atribuirse el saber

sin ponerse ropa de clase obrera. Con solo

nadar frente en la aflicción desamparada

uno flota hacia a la palabra.

Beating Heart

Beating Heart
Oh, that I could silence
this beating heart. Oh, that I could
throw rocks 
at the waves      oh, madness be still
or go away.


Blind causality found new shoes,
and while treading soft, left prints
near a heavenly river, never spoke
another word about its pain. Never.

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