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Cat’s Cradle   her wrinkled face touched by the sun

Te Deseo

Te Deseo fin del verano... tu cuerpo joven transita   sobre mi recuerdo como un huracán en una esquina indiscreta.


XXXIX I swallow the smoke that ascends above our inaugural napkin.  Your discrete stare says, goodbye.


XXXIX I observe you. It is then I know I am alone. My shadow is your shadow and I am resigned.  


XXXVIII I am about to whisper it   when all of a sudden you turn back   and say it...  there is an empty  pillow on the bed.


XXXVI I study him seated by the window where he stands. Light-up the world , I think. You say: the sun is burning and close the pane.


sangra el beso en tus labios de arcilla abrázame fuerte 
I just received notice that I will be honored with a contributor's copy of Clarion at Boston University.  This magazine is very much alive and working.


  XXXV you stand by a window and sulk             I reassure you there is nothing to worry about your eyes sink to the ground as I walk away


XXXIII crystal clear, your young body in the sunlight still in its dream stage. I stop to pick-up your breath and hear other songs .

cristal roto

eres cristal roto que no estoy dispuesto  a recorrer

Cuerpos trazados en la arena

Cuerpos trazados en la arena tu y yo dispersos sobre el agua te miro en silencio y recuerdo la playa tus ojos color cielo y tu piel blanca derramada en mi boca