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Van Morrison - Madame George

stormy night Van Morrison’s  Madame George  on the radio

Someone Like You - Van Morrison.wmv

day after day the brewing of coffee … tired of the city
I Have Continued Regardless Each day demands we create the world over. I leave the apartment walk over to the elevator, it arrives, I get in, join one person with old eyes and the smell of piss. I hate it.   I get off at the lobby look for entrance and walk out the building towards the coffee shop. Old imperfections cross my mind.   The dirty dishes in the sink, the empty refrigerator, the pills I did not forget to take. As I walk away from the apartment I look back, flames are rising from the windows of the 14 th floor.   I decide to have breakfast. It is now about 98 degrees on a hot Monday morning in July exactly three years from yesterday.


Es el temor de enfrentarme a mi mismo. Es la palabra que escucho y me describe. Es el relámpago de una mente ruin, el día de la danza del fuego comenzó.