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Sunday, December 27, 2009

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© Sergio A. Ortiz 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009



The first glaciers disappeared in Bolivia
while I was listening to my shadow
repeat that poem about a man
fingering his woman.
How often must we watch animals
going about their reproductive business?
Do we need to stare?

As I heard the rain crowding out of
every cloud in Bolivia a vision appeared:
Habra took out his sword and attacked
the honey-scented silhouette of Fatimah.
She fell off her horse and died soon after.

Bolivia cried: Evo-cation!
The credits read:
Tupaj Katari- dead
Citizens of the city of El Alto – massacred
Coca farmers – Mano Negra,
like all the other anonymous heroes
from from El Sur.
Pututu blasted the longest minute
this year while blood drenched
the Legislative Power, damned butchers
sitting like peacocks on the balcony.

© Sergio A. Ortiz 2006

China moon

A man,
ugly, rangy.
Hounding, daunting, raping.
A sacrificial lamb: Run, fast!
Moon masked.

Poem © Sergio A. Ortiz 2006

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