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Wind and Soul

Wind and Soul The wind comes from the sea with such vehemence, and its elementary sounds infect the silence of night. Alone in your bed you listen to it insistent on touching the chimes, crying and calling as if lost without anyone. But it is not he who has you sleepless, but another force in which your body is jailed, a carapace that was free breeze and recalls.
I am only the memory of a stone buried among nettles on which the wind escapes its insomnia.

On Borrowed Time

On Borrowed Time I slept in a labyrinth made of milk and honey until by chance, you woke and wore me down with your hands.  I was a boy prisoner among your changing walls. Time, insinuating itself on your body, a cloud of dust. Thus my uncultured grief is new now. New, as if I were the first man that fell with his love from paradise, as when I saw such a sky already conquered by shadows aging my beloved's body.


XV Despierto exánime nunca eres presente siempre duermes no deposito mi piel sobre tu cuerpo. Te digo; ven, y entras como un ruiseñor por la venta.


XIV Si miran nuestra estrella desde otra constelación sabrán que estamos muertos.

Donna Summer - Hot Stuff


erykah badu - kiss me on my neck



XIII Te invito a mi boca,  sonríes y cierras los ojos por un instante.


XII Te deformo.  Al incorporarte de tu sueño estas completo.  Conoces la respuesta.


XI No te escucho.   Parece que existes en otras voces. 

Dedos de Arena y Flor

Dedos de Arena y Flor Ofrezco mis dedos sobre hombres mutilados. Mientras mis manos llueven otoños obscenos, arena de las flores para un día decorar mi semblante de muerto.

I was…

I was… I was. Ardent column, spring moon. Golden ocean, big eyes. I searched for what I thought; thought, like dawn in languorous dreams, what desire paints on teenage days. I sang, climbed was light one day dragged into the fire. Like the gust of wind that undoes shadows I fell into the black, the insatiable world. I have been.
X No volveré a los lugares que atravesó mi llanto. No, no quiero volver, sino morir aún más, Desclavar una sombra, olvidar-olvidar.
to a future poet i know these men too well they drag their feet to find a chunk of life, anonymous statues, shades of grey, misery, rulers of fog. a spark of the forbidden pleasures shines at the moment of vengeance. its effulgence can destroy their humanity, because I sense in this human seclusion how mine shall be the men to come …


IX Loneliness is a seraph with a stilted dagger. 


VIII Te contienes recoges la palabra y dejas desplomar el silencio. Los números de las páginas nos mantienen desnudos. Ahora yo soy el que abraza al silencio. VIII You contain yourself, pick up the word, and collapse into silence.  The numbers on the pages keep us naked.  Now I'm the one that embraces silence .


VII A los hombres venideros les digo que, me canse de esperar. Mi piel se torn ó  roja como el barro, mis ojos endurecieron y he quedado petrificado. Sueño con las estaciones pasadas, las abejas penetrando mi piel, la dulzura de unos labios, la caricia al amanecer, el aliento en mi línea recta al infinito, un beso prohibido


VI I think about you and compose your tribute, my Ulysses. I think about the Gods that have accompanied you, do you think they might let you return? I’ve been in pain since you left. I go towards you in an echo, an impulse, a gaze a flight, and still you don’t come to greet me.


I seek your sleep in the sea of my solitude.  You are my earth, and populate my new silence with air that does not return.  I pass through your body, young rapist, that lives in the forest dancing for life.  When love dies freedom is born.  I stop to pick-up your sigh wasted on my nipples you close the eyes and plead. Your gaze amazes me.  It remains in my ear, a whisper.  I walk fast.


V Recorrí tu cuerpo de joven sátiro que vivía en la selva danzando por la vida.  Porque cuando el amor muere nace la libertad.


IV Busco tu sueño en el mar de mi soledad. Mi tierra eres tú.  Pueblas mi nuevo silencio con el aire que no vuelve.


III Me desprendo te reclinas y callas absorbo el agua.  El dolor no se equivoca .


II Me detengo a recoger tu caricia derrochada sobre mis pezones cierras los ojos y suplicas.


I Me asombra tu mirada. Se queda en mi oído como un susurro. Piso veloz.