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Phobia These four walls are safe enough to hold up the world if only this world were something other than my fears.

Contigo era constante el deseo

Contigo era Constante el Deseo   Ayer salí a anidar Entre los buitres Te había escogido Pero tú no me habías Elegido a mí 


Troubled for W. H. She sang through a samurai death mask; angel stuck in the mud, innards bleached, drowned. Blown off somewhere by too much sun and wind.

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You Official Music Video



Burn Lonely among petals pale as death, no hand to remove the frost.   I slip out of my skin into another time when there are no torments, Adam by my side an Aztec warrior ready to flatter me with a piece of my enemy’s heart. When I fall for his charm no harm comes to me as his salt melts on my tongue and I burn.


Swiftly Here I am thinking it all went so swiftly, one day seventeen, next sixty-one —what a word.