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holding onto a finger— the veteran smiles at his new hand

My Tanka up at The Peregrine Muse a few of my tanka have been published at The Peregrine Muse.  I am so happy. Sergio

a boxer

el Macho Camacho gunned down in his last round of sunshine (for Hector, "El Macho Camacho")

Three Haiku

tumbleweed— leaving a trail of blood across the desert fingerprints tracing an affair of the heart Gaza  my sunrise silence  battered by rockets 


tree frogs sing under mountain stars... a dream begins seaweed the strange aroma of sunset chamomile tea I close my eyes to hear  the nightingale Benghazi at dawn... recalling a peaceful dream death poem hummingbirds outside my back porch dawn the chiaroscuro warmth of adobe     wind music a gospel singer reaches for the light moonglow my neighbor’s hand clips the bonsai the voice that was no voice spoke hurricane yellow moon a skylark’s voice over the lake