Friday, July 31, 2009

Collective Madness

Collective Madness
Around the house the flakes fly faster,
And all the berries now are gone'
Birds At Winter, Thomas Harding

Collectively we are
over exposed driftwood bewitched by the
light, pretty
little cento, an
eclipse enchanted with a rainbow. Our
childhood memories linger like pastoral
triolets about rolling meadows. Luck has nothing to do with
interpreting the
veils with which we choose to cover our faces.
enlightenment happens after we fall.

Madness comes in the form of eyes
appended to blood dripping rocks when our
demons fail to cross the river.
never is where we usually drink tea and
endlessly suck on lemons.
smiles are inevitable when we
spar with strangers yet fail to bring about change.

Copyright © 2008 Sergio A. Ortiz Published in Kritya

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