Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cancion Para Un Niño En La Calle ..Mercedes Sosa-Calle 13


  1. This is heartbreaking. I love Mercedes Sosa, R.I.P.
    A legend in life and forever.

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  3. I was 17 when I first listened to Mercedes Sosa sing one of Violet Parra's compositions. She became my conscience. There were songs that had images I could really relate to. There was one in particular, where she describes a man coming home from the sugar-cane plantation, covered in black smoke. There was a sugar-cane plantation in my home town. The work has been so hard his entire body was in pain. So he stopped at the local bar and ended up drinking all the money he earned that week, and passing out on the street. As a kid I saw that so often, and I guess it tore my heart up because when I heard her sing that song I was stunned.

    My grandmother hated her because she saw how sad I would get and how it was changing my views on life. But she was the first artist that I can remember ever following. If I had to choose between buying a record from her or the Beatles you knew I was going to choose her.


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