Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shakira - She Wolf

Recently I wrote a poem that will be published very soon.  The poem “Transparency” is a reflection on how little input most of us get to boost our self-esteem from the people that matter the most.  So much is overlook in family ties, lifelong friendships, and work relationships, we are left with the sensation of being locked-up in a cage like a neurotic animal reminiscing on the freedom of the wild.  Recently pop singer Shakira put out a video where while sleeping with her significant other she turns into some sort of a shewolf locked-up in a cage.  This is one of the most artistic videos I’ve recently had the privilege of viewing.  Our anger has no other option but to populate that cage with our imagination (in Shakiras case it is the many distortions her body goes through as a half-breed human/gothic animal) an imagination that struggles to find the balance between fiction and reality.  For some this is a good thing since it sets into motion the creative impulse, but for a good portion of people this struggle can lead them on the path to true isolation, apathy, and danger.  Our imagination is both artist and predator.  I believe the question that can help us keep a vigilant eye on this issue is: How transparent do we really believe our motives be?

©  Sergio A. Ortiz, April 13

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