Monday, May 24, 2010

Continuation of Racism and the submitting Hispanic Poet - this is part -oh well!

Then there is the issue of the Journal that never responds to a submission unless it has selected one of your poems.  The truly sad thing about this kind of a journal is that they’re allowed to advertize in places like Doutrope’s Digest.  It makes you kind of wonder if the people managing these literary search engines are, or have ever been, writers themselves?  To me this sends a rather sad  but clear message:  We don’t really care about the writer, or what writers contribute, our interests remain focused on what is convenient to us. 
This is the height a self-centeredness attitude can reach, much like a one-sided love affair.  It feels like what I would imagine a battered woman, or man, feels after a beating.  But I’ll bet my right arm and an eye, these journals swamped by submissions.  It’s a sign of our times, we reward laziness and a lack of professionalism among us, in Spanish we say, en el “gremio.”  After all, that is what we are, a world wide association of poets/writers.  Let’s honor that association by banishing laziness and disrespect.  If you don’t love yourself, you’ll be unable to love your work, stand by it, defend it, know its worth.  Know that regardless if it is rejected time time you took to write it and submit is treated with respect.
I realize that many people send submissions that have terrible problems, I’ve read them, but let’s face it, this is what is coming out of our public school system.  If the editors of these journals, the ones that never respond to a submission unless they are accepting, have a gripe then they should direct their frustration at the people responsible for the poor writing, the public school system across the nation, not all poets/writers.  
          Some of these places also ask that your name appear on the subject line of your submission.  Now I really get a bad, bad feeling about this.  I can see the good in it, when the journal I am submitting to has already published my work.  But I can also see the evil in it when I send submissions to journals that never respond.  Get my drift?  The devil does not always live in Paris.

to be continued........

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