Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Phone Calls, Pleas for Oneness, and Cucarachitas

Phone Calls, Pleas for Oneness, and Cucarachitas

-What shall I buy? ¿Qué me compraré? 
-Lo que quiera usted, whatever you want, dócil Martinita.
-Didn’t you just say that a lot louder than the rest.
-Kikiriki, was the rooster’s response to all this mess.
-Uuu, croac’d the frog next.
-I see you’re getting all pretti’d up and beautiful 
Martina. Wan’na … go out on a date?
-On a date, at night? Sorry, there’s a little matter 
of trust we must address before I go out with YOU at night.
-I thought you’d ask me about my croac, croac, croac?
-No, Señor frog, I may not be pretty 
but I haven't survived this long for nothing.
(That was when el ratoncito Peréz joined the conversation.) 
-Mister ratón, what do you do at night, asked la cucarachita.
-Give me a call Martina, but make sure it’s not after ten,
not before seven, and never at eight.  I watch my novela at eight.
-Ah, sighed la cucarachita: A ratoncito always calls
cucarachitas first. You’ve got to do more than give me 
a phone call... now!  Colorín, colorado 
este cuanto se ha acabado.

(Our friendships are never about signing a Plea for Oneness
without meaning it.  No, friendship is conditioned to things like
truthfulness, honesty, sincerity, acceptance NOT just tolerance.  
Backbiting is never conducive to friendship, neither is peering 
into peoples lives and judging when it is so much easier to just
ask them what is going on. )

©  Sergio A. Ortiz, May 19, 2010

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