Thursday, June 03, 2010

They Leech on Lenient Angels

They Leech on Lenient Angels
-against the criminal acts perpetrated by the Israelis 

Soon the clowns’ fixed
painted smiles
will be at home on me. 

Those signs of favor
eventually infect
the thieves with creed. 

They leech on lenient angels,
duel with their own lies
until the burning bush speaks
to them in furious tongues .

Then they sink into the river,
the dream of water,
[the neck-to-neck] marathon race
with Pan’s devotees.

Sanguijuelan  Ángeles Clementes
en contra de los actos criminales de los Israelís

The poem will be published in Spanish.  I will put it back up after it gets published.

©  Sergio A. Ortiz, June 3, 2010

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