Thursday, September 09, 2010

Adobo Criollo

Adobo Criollo

Use four teeth of garlic; make sure
they’re not too sweet.  Joe walked home
last night, brought the mangoes,
their taste blends well with lemon adobo. 
Be careful when you mince the onion,
Elegua does not like the crying.

Don’t forget the sour milk,
ask a girl from Marrakech
to sell you some warm goat milk.
If her mother has mustard butter,
buy three pounds, but don’t you even think
of sticking your fingers in any of it. 
I fear you'll fall asleep and perish
on your way back home.

Dig a hole in the backyard of the house,
clean as if you had the midwife’s hands.
Find mesquite and set the fire.  Wait
until the breast begins to brown
before you start to drink the home brew.

Mimic slaughtered pigs:
front feet tucked and tied,
back feet spread, then glaze
with leftover marinade.  Look back,
and don’t forget last season. 
Put down the beer and when the pig
is done, untie, untie 
and dance all night

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