Monday, December 20, 2010

The caress of the useless

The caress of the useless

If you look closely, you’ll see a blood stain
on the letter W on page 2 of my map of Amsterdam.
And on page 10 you’ll find the same stain on the letter H;
page 18, the letter E, 19 the letter N, 22-L,  24-O, 27-V, 29-E,
and D- O-E-S on page 35.  On page 41 N-O-T and G-I-V-E,
page 47 L-I-F-E, page 53, I-T-‘S O-N S-A-L-E.
What became of so much love?
It was 3pm and the pedicurist stabbed the corn on my left foot.
My skin
was the perfect page
for the imprint of your fingers.

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