Monday, September 26, 2011

Snorting Through His Ass

Snorting Through His Ass

He is a medical student on his way to Spain
with his intestines full of plastic bags
containing cocaine.  He is so good-looking,
un sol that thought about little else except his cut. 
School became unimportant, la familia didn’t matter.
There was nothing he could foresee, not even the possible
prison term in a Spanish jail: that is not going to happen. 
There will not be any consequences if I keep calm,
cool, and collected.  

But things don’t always work-out
as planned and the beads of sweat are a dead giveaway
after a six hour plane ride with your ass stuffed. 
Then the “what if” one of those bags ruptures before
you pass Customs and you start feeling cold.  Your heart
begins to race, suddenly you’re sweating profusely
and everything is turning around at 60 miles an hour.
You know you’re going to need a hospital, but mother
doesn’t know where you are and you’ve arrived
with a quarter of a kilo getting sucked by your intestines.
So he starts talking, begs for an ambulance
even if his medical career is over.

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