Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Sister of the Swamps

Our Sister of the Swamps

She brushes her hair and climbs into the car
pig-headed about the weekend dance
even when she knows every sleaze in town
will be there pitching his fork for a piece of her ass
she’s not familiar with love but is adamant
about finding out

Our sister of the swamps has a way with men
she stuffs her bra with tissue
and puts on the lavender hot-pants

She’s going to have a ball
even if it is with some confused dyke
that doesn’t care what it is she’s got between her legs
swamp fever will do you in every time

She’s hopeful she won’t get asked out
by some self-absorbed idiot that never reads
although she’s ready with the eye-liner
just in case, she needs to go punk
and scare somebody off

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