Sunday, April 15, 2012

There is a man for me

“There is a man for me,”
he would insist on telling
his mother in the dream.
But, all she wanted to hear about
were his studies.  So, he would
eagerly explain to her about how well
he was doing in school. 
“I’ve come up with a study
plan unlike anyone else’s. 

a cuckoo bird flew over the nest
morning moon

His ear would hurt,
but he’d continue writing.  
He’d wake up happy to have dreams
about his mother, it was as if he had finally
captured her attention.

little boy blue
sat on a stool

He lives better
in his dreams than in reality. 
He is happier there.

addicted to sleep
a monsoon rain pouring over him
his blood thins out, he has no wrinkles.
he’s ironed out flat. 

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