Saturday, June 29, 2013

Published in, Fire Pearls 2: Short Masterpieces of Love and Passion, Keibooks

the radio 
overrides her whimpers. . . 
the manic's
sperm smeared
on her thighs

summer's end
your body travels
through my mind 
a hurricane 
on an indiscreet corner

the end of questions—
love incomplete 
you kiss my back, 
excite yourself 
with my body

some nights 
we made love, slept
arm to arm. . . 
brittle eucalypt
unwrapped by the mist

the secret room 
where you laid on my hammock. . . 
what if I cannot talk 
of the sound of your voice,
the days you still arouse me

the two of us 
walking by the sea. . . 
naked at sunrise
we crawl into each other's skin,
wait for the moon to wane

a fish out of water
this body of mine 
hot in the moonlight 
subject to your pull
like tides beneath the moon

trickles from chest 
to belly button. . . 
the memory of his abdomen 
as I moisten my lips

my scent missing 
from her body, 
shed with her clothes. . . 
crushed cotton scattered
from the floor to the bed

listen to me,
seagulls that cry 
like a great sad wheel—
the day my lover died 
I rode a horse for hours

your body 
moonbathing on my bed
in its dream state
I stop to surround your breath
and hear other songs

the cresent moon
is her reflection,
tilted back 
waning wide open. . . 
I step inside her kiss

I relish you
as the meeting of wind
and spinning vane
as a child worships the newness
of the world

if rain 
knew loneliness and fear 
could it still be rain. . . 
am I just another man drifting 
to the edge of your life

ships at the port 
of my imagination. . .
as the heroes of Olympus
who knows where they go?

Published in, Fire Pearls 2:  Short Masterpieces of Love and Passion,

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