Friday, April 15, 2016

NaPoWriMo # 27

For this one you need to know a little Chicano folklore.  More specifically El Coco, something similar in English would be, The Bogyman.

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From man to man, from my place to yours,
I follow the lewd riverbed of your venomous snake,
but if I find out that you're worthless, I’ll ran away.
And the search cycle starts all over again

To penetrate your depths is, friendship,
provocation in this virtual hubbub.
From leisure masturbation
to be with you is better, come I'll show you how.

I frantically invoke your buttocks,
and I enter and go and obey the command
of the full-grown mask of your glans.

I put my whole humanity inside you,
and so as not to make to story long
you’ll even stop fearing el coco.

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