Sunday, April 24, 2016

NaPoWriMo # 39

Cover - A Tribute

We got there late. Me to your dream
and you to my best hour, merman hidden
in the cornfields of my body.  Later
we lost sight of each other amid the tumult
of adolescence. We broke up, widowed
before the marriage ever consummated.
Fifteen years later we saw each other,
me the bard, you the juris doctor.
An avalanche of love made me call you
the next day. What superhuman beast
(perhaps accumulated courage) possessed
my body, what lie? What did I say my Troy,
my Caesar, my taurine lover, that made you
look my way. I can’t remember, 
but out of the sea inside my chest, 
my abyss, primitive animals emerged 
singing: purple rain, purple rain…

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