Friday, May 13, 2016

A Time for Angels

A Time for Angels

And God said, let there be angel.
And the angel was made out of words.
And man said, let there be angel
made of inner words.
Let the angel be in the likeness of my spirit.
And God said, let every man have an angel
in his likeness up in heaven and when he dies
may they become one.
And man said, if God does not create the angel,
the imagination must create it,
because if there’s a gap between God and man
there can be no communication.
There must be an intermediary spirit
between sky and earth,
between the invisible and the visible,
between the spiritual and the material.
God said, man arrived late for the time of gods
and early for the time of beings,
the angel came on time for both.
Man said, the angel is the body joining
gods and beings, it is the bridge that joins
the stare to what is looked at.
God said, so men and angels understand
each other, angels on earth must speak
the languages of men, and when men dream
they must speak the language of angels.
Because there is an original language
understood by angels of all ages and all races
and it is made of poetry.
Man said, an angel knows when he is in front
of another angel, not by what is said and revealed
but by the light coming out of their eyes.
God said, angels cannot be seen with eyes,
because they are inside the eyes.
Man said, then, the angel we seek in the world
is within us, it is us?
God said, when man finds himself
let the angel be what is looked for in the world
because the body of both is made of interior words.
Man said, the angel that I see,
that does not see me, is the one I will be
when I die.
God said, let the angel of man live beyond man,
let it raise above its body and earn its real existence.
May the angel take the form that man wants to give it.
Man said, then, the angel has the body the imagination
gives it? The angel painted on my back, the angel
tattooed on my arms, will shield my back and will
protect my arms. One day it will be like myself.
And God said, the angel, in this time of darkness
that’s approaching, is a messenger of light.
Let the angel be the equal of man.
Because this is a time of angels.

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