Thursday, August 04, 2016

We're all that's left - this is dedicated to my friend Einstein from Indonesia, we talk a lot with each other

We're all that's left

“quedamos nosotros, victoriosos, con alas y deseos y dientes y locura.”
Efraín Huerta

The two of us lying on the sand
after making love on the beach.
You said it’s late
but I couldn’t imagine
you'd leave. I remember
the treaded paths, the beach resorts
where our hands defeated our bodies.
We were hybrids dreaming
of words and other fevered voices
while others sank like rocks
in the fog. I don’t remember
how many of these encounters we had,
the torn arteries, the bottomless anguish
deleted from my memory,
the storm traveling inland
destroying my divided past.

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