Monday, September 12, 2016

First Ceremony

First Ceremony

You lie a novice on my bed
delightful, earthy, mild.
You appear to sleep
and I’m beside myself
when my hands unfold
their poverty on your hair.
I find you naked, I am myself
naked, amazed,
a shimmer, wretched,
and soft. What can I do
blinded and mute.
Bewildered? You keep
your gaze ferocious, hungry
devouring the dark,
your sex wet and hurting
with the memory of your first
ejaculation, your lips no longer in need
of the child you were.
Your way of being licks me
like a dog, a wild horse.
Your navel makes my head rotate.
I tend my hand towards your thighs
and blow by blow they separate,
and meet, and turn into a fiery gap
in turmoil on the bed sheet.
Take me, kneel, and separate,
come back, hurtle, howl.
All of a sudden you slit
my darkness and rain
inside me!

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