Wednesday, October 19, 2016

After being Stoned in the Spanish Inquisition

After being Stoned in the Spanish Inquisition

When I was young
I lived sliding down empty, 
smooth surfaces
where rest and vertigo
were rumors of echoes.

I fell so many times,
got up in different places
never to be returned.
The detour was Law

and openness was feared.

When I was young
I tried to invent a machine,
but my machine made errors,
I was one of those errors. The higher 
the offering, the more useless.

They asked for lamps
and words. I said, love understands praise.
They said, your tree

is a serpent eating its own tail.
But I grew in my tree like a clumsy hand
ascending towards that Truth
listening to no one.

Reader, I call upon you,
solemn reader, ironic reader,
never be indifferent! You must build, 
twirl with the machine,
dream you see the Tree of trees
bigger than the forest!

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