Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thoughts from my Second Date with Truth

Thoughts from my Second Date with Truth

You gave me your truth,
let me know how you attempted
to save yourself from it.
How else could we have gotten 
to know each other?

Every word a gap,
a small one.  Because we burn
underneath, and so much light hurts.

I dreamt that truth was One.
I saw her approaching
in silence in the form 
of a woman constantly turning
her soul on and off.

Her soul growing in my heart,
turning it on and off as well.
Her word ascending over my word, 
whipping clean

whatever it was I had recorded 
up to the very last punctuated period,
the slightest one, 
the one on my crossroad.

We were so small 
that up and down could not
be distinguished.  So small
we erased ourselves from our 
heavenly sky of half truths,
far from Grace. So small
we became tiny bullets 
willing to pierce other glass hearts.

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