Monday, November 21, 2016

As If from Nowheren - accepted for publication at Whisper and the Roar writers collective

As If from Nowhere

Miguel Angel's sentences 
have the shuddering
of what is about to fade.
Memories haunt him like a baggage car 
that does not quite fit.
But let's talk about his voice,

somewhat faded by the years.
As if words were spying on him.
As if there were no throat
only a guitar of spoils

among the stones and snow
of New York City.
He talks about his mother
who is in her 90's and lives
on the beaches of Rincon.
Talks about the wife
and grandchild he’s left behind.

Suddenly, death is him
and this is the ferry's last stop.
Miguel Angel from nowhere,

the world becomes numerous,
but the cold keeps its stories.

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