Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Outlaws of Canon

The Outlaws of Canon

two men coming down 
on all fours
from their presidential palace,
licking hands and legs,
dying, poisoned
by their own decision
            and will.

Not one of them rests
and as a pack they chase
            exotic reindeer
fire in the News Room.

Depraved, language perverts
howling in the chicken coop
of news anchors.
Ha, their fame demands a change
in personnel.

Yes, outlaws of canon,
with accumulated miles
of prostitution and falsehood,
fleeing their brothers,
forgetting their parents exile.

No, we will not forget
our stay in this country.
Nor the years of delay
we gave up to let them prosper.

Listen to how frozen hurricanes
emerge from the dew!

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