Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cartography of Dreams

Cartography of Dreams

By the time you arrive
I’ll possess night in my hands.
It carries the sleeplessness of the rooftops
in its peak, the distant humidity of the streets
that lack your footsteps.
I wear wings borrowed from tonight,
and retain the warmth of its arms
for when you come to sleep later.
Come: Tonight, we dine on the moon!

Like winter born
on one December afternoon,
I felt the urge to journey
all the way to silence
and listen to a breath of lights.
I dragged a heap of leaves
towards me.
They stopped before I swept them, already waiting for me.

It was leaving memories lying
on the dark waters of sleep.
It was as if your voice came from the side
of my body, or the echo of your smile
inside some other ear,
those clear labyrinths open to voices.
It was the dying perfume of rain,
the distance pending caresses keep,
the smiles that never crossed each other,
and walking barefoot
where the sun won't shine.
It's that I know you won't be there,
and I won’t untie myself
from the bones of your name.

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