Friday, December 09, 2016

What do I have If I don’t have The Blues

What do I have If I don’t have The Blues

I sailed the sea in an unknown course
via my hands where love dwelt,
and had a kingdom.
Where dripping stars on clean shoulders
showed truth. One breeze left
without a destination. Where a woman
institutes a kiss, trees prostrate to winter.

It isn't necessary to say,
the heart without being a tear
can darken the face.

I leaned my elbows on the past,
and without looking, your absence
penetrated my chest to lick my heart.

The air, a hand that scanned my forehead.
My forehead, where the moon was an inscription,
a voice sculpting its dustbin.

It wasn't necessary to cloud loneliness
with the dust of a dissolved kiss.
It wasn't necessary to memorize the night in a tear.

There are crayons in the form of time,
water glasses where the evening floats in silence.
There's a tree branch like the carved arm of abandonment.

Winter hibernates inside my heart.
I wait for the unwritten letter
where forgetfulness names me its heir.

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