Thursday, January 26, 2017

PIN QUARTERLY JOURNAL, a vast garden of literary comeliness, just published two of my poems

just published two of my poems.  This journal is based in Nigeria. The poems are in the section: ACROSS THE OCEANS

By Sergio A. Ortiz

Real loneliness is like a window
from wherein you cannot hear a thing.

My loneliness is the tracks
at a train crossing, a damnation

of gunfire and impact. In silence
my name: the instant at which the gods

finally forget to call. I keep thinking,
sing to yourself and survive. Expand

to infinity like a deaf man expands
his voice in a dream.

By Sergio A. Ortiz

I live between two abysses
The staggering patience
of him who walks far too long
to lean on the rail of a footbridge
―my only afternoon ceremony―
to watch the water roll by
And the enormous impatience
of him who wants to reach
the end zone at all costs
but only sees the size
of his insomnia
and jumps off the bridge
into your bosom

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