Sunday, May 21, 2017

Nostalgic Rainy Afternoon

Nostalgic Rainy Afternoon

I close my eyes
create an opaque image 
diminishing the light flashing 
in the void, but in so doing, 
I get lost. I scream, 
silence steals my voice,
so, I return to thought.

Wandering around like this,
between images I could never touch,
memories withering 
until my will is faint,
sitting on the corroded bench
time left me, I wait for small 
confiscated moments. The day 
we met to share old stories
no one remembers.

I paint stars in the sky
so you do not notice I am so small.
I leave a trail of footprints on the sand,
tell my stories, convince you I am true.
I place an order with the universe
so you are assured I'm still here.
On nostalgic rainy afternoons
I travel to your thoughts,
so you do not forget
all that I remember.

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