Saturday, June 17, 2017

Before the full moon is in my hair

Before the full moon is in my hair

& the wheel of my skull
in the most scandalous & iridescent prayer
scratching itself under the mattress:
you said you were going to adore me

A hysterical hyena laugh emerged from the backlit
crucifix that hangs around my neck
Oh, how that cross hangs
Oh, how the poppy wants to cut words
go faster than a speeding bullet
but of course, without disrespecting

We have sacrificed so much
the sun rises & there is no remedy

We are awakened again
to support your gaze
mutual distances fall asleep

If nothing amuses us anymore
why force things

Let's do it for the lion and the whale
let the moon howl
& the calendars turn your cosmic wheel
if this is the end of the world 
then it must be a joke 

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