Friday, July 28, 2017

Let's Stay Home and Watch a Movie

Let's Stay Home and Watch a Movie

What else can I say?
Blood gallops in the streets
and inside the Whitehouse
head first into the face 
of an office manager.

Darts into the song of birds
and inside the Malls downtown
Blood bolts everywhere

We're not safe in the bathroom,
or buying chocolates!
We need a bodyguard to go to the florist
and if we dare say we want to visit a museum, uff
We won't exist long enough to see 
we're in the Blue House that's no longer blue, 
nothing blue anymore, not even the sky
Everything turned violently red

blood sprinting in the streets
like the dirty hands of the president
like Red, Red Sunrise and Red Mary

To see red houses, love,
we don't need to go that far

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