Saturday, July 08, 2017

Spring Birth

Spring Birth

Born in March,
I was never baptized, my parents
decided I should decide for myself.
Grew up in a Wesleyan school.
I have recited Our Father Who
so many times I'm dumb. I don't miss 
the uniform, the ties, or the chemistry teacher.
Now I almost never pray.

I liked not being popular.
But I've had more than five good friends.
Raised in an exclusive neighborhood
of an inclusive city on rice-beans
and pork chops. The first grandchild,
nephew, son. I was, as expected, 

My grandfather was a poet and a journalist.
Grandma hid his manuscripts, 
but I read his poems in secret.
Enjoyed my family, 
although I told them little of my life.

Collected the songs of Felipe Pirela.
Discovered love at twenty, wept for the love 
at twenty-six, confused it with lust 
and transformed it into 
a good many farewells at forty.

True, the best shags are not 
those one-night stands.

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