Monday, March 15, 2010

Three Poems: Dedications / Divination, Photography, Labyrinth / Pirates

To my enemies:  

To insomnia:  
pears or apples, a carrot.  

To landscapes:  
a white South African security guard asleep 
in a Kimberly diamond mine.  

To classrooms:  
a clock, the sobriety of water.  

To distance:  
what I remember about Omar, 
the brightness of a sweaty, naked body.
a stealthy light deep within my pupils.  

To love:
a truce, and then another truce.

Divination, Photography, Labyrinth   
First Movement: The Divination

I am / you are / we are:
This hemlock teardrop, if it makes 
you love me a little longer / this fractured foam / 
this island continent of death / this wavering weakness / 
this burning carousel / 
this casting of lots.

Second Movement: The Photography

I am / you are / we are:
This uncertain space in the still-relief
of birds / this song coming off the fused pistil 
of a violet tulip / this deep blue shawl 
carefully extended over fretful 
grey waters / this Styrofoam abstract 
on the sidewalk.

Third Movement: The Labyrinth

I am / you are / we are:
This moss-mouth morning after / this caribou moss / 
this mossback turtle / this perennial moss / this Irish moss / 
this haircap moss / this split-tooth moss / this no fruit moss / 
this water-measuring moss / this flat moss /
this Spanish moss / this fucking flea moss.

“Somalia, since you know how to kill, 
you should learn how to die.” 

there’s a chorus 
in the crack 
near the center of my 
large hips 
call it 
pirates dans le Caraïbes 

call it Mogadishu 
Port-au-Prince or New York City 

it’s only a crack 
call it anything you want 

it’s on the moon wavin' 

© Sergio A. Ortiz: Published in Journal of Truth  or Consequence, March 13, 2010

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