Monday, May 31, 2010

Three more poems accepted for publication!

          I just had three poem accepted at The Blotter Magazine:  "She's a homophobic...," "Of The Boar," and one more poem whose title I can't remember right now.  I will be removing those poems by the end of the day from the blog.  
          The Blotter Magazine is one of those magazines I follow, like Autumn Sky, Touch, and the excellent journal,  The Tower.  I follow more than just the journals I have mentioned.  Hopefully soon I will be writing about what motivates me to follow certain Journals  Some of which have never accepted any of my poems.   Others where I am certain I will never see anything submitted by me published.  Yet,  to me these journals are making the difference in the literary scene of American Poetry, and in some cases the poetry coming out of Australia and the UK.  
          I want the editor from Zygote in my Coffee to know I am grateful for his support.  And that I hope the journal is somehow revived.  

to be continued...................................

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