Wednesday, June 02, 2010

           I have been trying to go into the forums at for a month now.  And I keep getting a message that says the discussion forums are down for maintenance.  And I ask myself, how can discussion forums at The Academy be down for maintenance for so long?  Or is it that I have been band?  I can't imagine why?  The only things I have posted there were a few poems during the NaPoWriMo.  Most of those poems have already been accepted for publication.  I am hurt.  I thought these people were my friends, at least I thought some of them were my friends.  
           The truth is that certain things should never happen a The Academy, and that if I sound like a small child having a tantrum it is only because I miss posting at The Academy.  I mean, it was the first place that anyone gave me the time of day, why shouldn't I miss it?   I miss it with all my heart.

to be continued......................................

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