Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Demigods and Totems (accepted for publication)

To Demigods and Totems

Your Aryan eye saw the catman
running on the ledge of my roof
and wanted to accuse him of revenge.
Your Aryan eye employed my uncle,
the rapist, and his son as attendants
to my three curvy sisters, staunch believers
in Estée Lauder and vintage pin-up photography.
Your Aryan eye has no morals, but it has
perception.  It does not bond, but it is
critical, it cannot cry because it doesn’t know
the phases of the moon, and it’s never
seen a pond, or had a son to call its own. 
Your Aryan eye created an eye-centered
Universe complete with demigods, and totems.
Its own eye army was dead set against
all other eyes because it wanted to drag me
out of contemplation and into action.
Your Aryan eye is of the opinion
the poor fear nature, and the rich fear
boredom and not one of the two
know what to honor.

Semidioses y Tótems

the poem will be published in Spanish.  I will put it back once it gets published.

©  Sergio A. Ortiz, June 10, 2010


  1. i liked your imagery and the intensity of your resentment resounds and will push all the right buttons in all the wrong people - which is an appropriate effect for the media of poetry -so well done. i will read more of your stuff as i run across it. don't be wary of my aryan eye, though - i don't think it got the memo :)W.L. Grimsley

  2. haha Wendy when I wrote this I was thinking about powerful people and they are not all Aryan. They come in all colors. It is really about the attitude that I am writing about. Thank you.

  3. Sergio, As usual your latest poem carries a social message.I love the emotive appeal of your words. ESpecially "it cannot cry because it doesn’t know/ the phases of the moon"
    -So beautiful.

    Your blog is a lovable place, only, looks a bit crowded with pics! Lol.

  4. Loved your poem. Especially the lines :
    "it cannot cry because it doesn’t know
    the phases of the moon".Smiles.

  5. Thank you Arun! It is so good to see you here my dear friend!



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