I am as Lonely as Falling Drops of Rain

I am as Lonely as Falling Drops of Rain 

I am the poem that began at dawn.

The sand of Abyssinia sprouted from my eyes today 

and all the perfume in Paris 

originated from my lips.

I saw the moon rise on a river 

in the Far East, saw her drown

completely drunk on midnight lovers' lips.

Bowing my head I knelt 

to beg for God's wrath 

shaken by the sad eyes 

of alpacas,

opened two hundred and eighty-five doors

looking for the letter where you say,

we learn to challenge darkness 

with more darkness.

You said, I am that poem that began at dawn. 

I added, and never ended.

You laughed. I responded, you'll need more

than that to get me to walk to your bed. 

Then we both laughed. 

I think you'll be convinced 

before we finish the wine. Who

knows, let's give it a try. 

I smiled and I said, I'm in.

You ordered Siri to turn on the music

and I got up from my chair edged closer

until I reached out 

put my arms around you and danced. 

You searched for my lips with kisses.

I kissed you back, heard myself think, 

his breath is so sweet. If he says,

stay over, I'll take his hand and say, 

lead the way. Like I do every night ever since.


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